Tax Services

At Walters & Sklyar LLP, our tax  accounting service professionals guide our clients through a maze of tax  laws, regulations and rulings. In addition to our main goal of helping  clients stay compliant, we also have an intense focus on helping them  grow.

We  prepare tax returns for entities and individuals for federal, state,  and local jurisdictions from all 50 states. We look for ways to reduce  tax during the current year as well as in future

periods. We also advise  you of modifications to the tax law that would warrant filing amended  returns.

In complex and changing business environments, you need a  tax strategy that both creates value and is innovative.  We assist  companies in structuring acquisitions, entity formation, asset  protection, and state income tax minimization. We assist individuals in  asset protection and estate planning. 

Our tax  services include:

  • Federal income tax return preparation
  • State income tax return preparation
  • Individual Tax
  • Business Tax
  • Tax Planning
  • Credits and Incentives
  • Tax Controversy